High Tech Engineering Center (HTEC) is full service electrical engineering company with core expertise in software development and design of embedded systems. Main areas of expertise in our advanced software development services are custom software development, database design, web applications and mobile applications (Android, iOS and BlackBerry). We have managed to build a great team of professionals with various backgrounds thus expanding the creative potential of the company and bringing innovative solutions for our clients.

We develop software applications using the Scrum methodology and iterative development together with web based project management tools like BaseCamp and ActiveColab. More details about the technologies, frameworks and tools that we use can be found on Next to software development team, our core competency is the design of embedded systems, mostly used for advanced digital signal processing. We aim to be able to build a working prototype from scratch. Typically this means integrating hardware, PCB boards, and drivers, software applications, along with algorithm development with FPGA or DSP implementation (mostly image and video processing). From the references document you can see that we have developed several solutions that integrated hardware and customized software for developed hardware platform in order to optimize performance.

More details about the technologies, frameworks and tools that we use can be found on Having both, software and team for embedded systems, enables us to offer complete solutions development, from software development (mostly targeting web and mobile applications) to complex embedded systems (hardware and software co-design) used for advanced signal processing with algorithms development. Both teams are constantly working on R&D projects. Since our establishment (2008) we have conducted several projects for EU and US companies. Most of income HTEC makes through technology outsourcing business model, where it offers engineering services to foreign (USA/EU) companies.

Glavni proizvodi i usluge
Software development, database design, web applications and mobile applications, design of embedded systems

Oblast poslovanja

  • Embedded sistemi
  • Mobilne aplikacije
  • Outsourcing
  • Programiranje za društvene mreže
  • Sistemska integracija
  • Web aplikacije

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