Universities in the Western Balkan (WB) region that offer study programs in telecommunication engineering are experiencing a reduced number of students despite the fact that telecommunications is a pillar in modern economy. The major reason is that the telecom industry is passing through significant changes and the labor market requires a new profile for the telecom engineer (TE): a professional that is trained in the broad ICT domain, that owns both technical and market oriented skills and, therefore, that can contribute to the techno-economic society challenges. To render the study program more attractive and to boost the TE profile, the project BENEFIT will work on three main pillars:

A) the cooperation between HEIs and industry to modernize the study program in telecommunication engineering;
B) the adoption of modern teaching methodologies and tools, the upgrade of the infrastructure, and the creation of joint university-industry labs;
C) the implementation of training of both teachers and students.

BENEFIT- Kick of Meeting

Furthermore, to increase the level of cooperation, visibility and sustained opportunities the project will develop an integrated e-platform giving access to class material for e-learning, training/internships in the region, listing of universities and companies, employment opportunities, and events of both technical nature and accessible to the general public. Therefore, BENEFIT will contribute to shape a modern profile of graduates in telecom/ICT engineering bridging the gap with the job market needs, which is a concrete action in response to the recently announced programmatic goals by WB countries.

Erasmus+ Project BENEFIT, 585716-EPP-1-2017-1-AT-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP

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Webinar – Projekat BENEFIT

Webinar – Projekat BENEFIT

U okviru Erasmus+ projekta BENEFIT (Boosting the telecommunications engineer profile to meet modern society and  industry..

10. oktobar 2020.
Cisco letnja škola 2019 – Projekat BENEFIT

Cisco letnja škola 2019 – Projekat BENEFIT

U okviru Erasmus+ projekta BENEFIT (Boosting the telecommunications engineer profile to meet modern society and  industry needs) biće..

6. septembar 2019.
Cisco Student Day

Cisco Student Day

Sa zadovoljstvom Vas pozivamo da nam se pridružite na jednodnevnoj besplatnoj radionici CISCO STUDENT DAY 2019, koja će biti održana..

13. maj 2019.
IoT Security – seminar za studente

IoT Security – seminar za studente

IoT Security – seminar za studente Vreme: 9. januar 2019. 18:00 Predavač: Doc. dr Mladen Koprivica, Elektrotehnički fakultet..

9. januar 2019.
Projekat BENEFIT – Prvi sastanak

Projekat BENEFIT – Prvi sastanak

Alpen-Adria-Universitat Klagenfurt je krajem novembra bila domaćin Erasmus + Kick-off sastanka za projekat BENEFIT. BENEFIT je..

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